Are you ready to adopt a puppy? Some information to know

The right attitudes from the start

Like a child, a puppy needs a framework and rules to behave properly. Teach him these rules as soon as he arrives at home so that he doesn't develop bad habits. They include cleanliness, obedience, eating and sleeping. Be firm, even if it's complicated to argue with an adorable puppy, it's for his good and yours.

Eating habits

Get your puppy used to eating alone, at regular times so as not to disturb his body. Don't leave him any self-service food, you won't have any control on the rations and the respect of the recommended dosages is essential for his well-being. Even if it is tempting, do not share your meal, because our food is not adapted to his young stomach.


Your puppy should quickly learn two essential commands, "heel" and "stay. Reward him when he reacts correctly and never punish him if he doesn't. For his well-being and the safety of those around you, invest in a harness or collar that is adapted to his needs and make sure it is well adjusted so as not to hurt him.